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Rapid Transfer Ports
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The Fast & More Safety Solution
For All Transfer Operations
Our systems of transfer RTP / RTC allow to interface immediately two contained volumes and it is without risk of contamination for the operators, the environment and the products. Our systems guarantee the preservation of the tightness of the volume confined throughout the stages of transfer. Our systems are compatible with the majority of the systems existing on the market. Our new RTP can be completely interlocked and allows safe connection/disconnection of the RTC part.
Why to choose our RTP/RTC?
For Safety & Reliability
Our system of transfer consists of two parts. The first (RTP) is fixed to one of the wall of the isolator. The second (RTC) is the mobile part which is fixed to the container of transfer. Each of the parts guarantee the tightness of the contained volume. This system allows you to realize bi-directional transfers without any delay, as often as necessities. With the optional mechanical interlock : RTP door cannot opened unless a container with lid is properly connected, the RTC cannot be removed If the double door is not locked shut.
For the Flexibility
Our systems of transfer adapt themselves on walls of isolators, walls of cleanroom; walls of BSL either still walls of PSM. Our system is available in two diameters: 270 and up to 350mm. Our system offers you to select the type of container: chemically sterilisable or autoclavable.
Principle of Operation
For the Quality of our Manufacturing
RTP/RTC connected

Our systems of transfer are subsequently assembled in an appropriate clean area. The materials used are of high quality: HDPE 1000 for plastic parts and stainless steel AISI 316L for metal parts.
For Our Individual & Systematic Controls
Your safety and that of your products is our daily care:
The tests and the following checks are realized in our laboratory of control over each individual RTP / RTC:
Control of the tightness,
Tests of connection,
Control of the marking,
Check of certificates material,
Optional, we can propose you a microbiological validation.
A report detailing the tests executed and the results obtained accompanies every RTP / RTC
New Rapid Transfer Port
Mains Technical Data of RTP
Type RTP 270 RTP 350
Useful diameter 250 330
Over all diameter « A » 404 480
Opening position with the lid at 90° « B » 370 460
Opening position with the lid at 180° « C » 690 845
Drilling diameter « D » 350 427
Positioning of the fixing holes « E » 369 446
Material of the flange SS 316L SS 316L
Material of the lid HDPE 500 HDPE 500
Material of the seal EPDM EPDM
Material of the hinge SS 316L SS 316L
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