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Half - Suit for Isolator
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Half Suit for Use In Aseptic and Containment Isolators
Half-Suits cover the body of the operator from the waist upwards and are commonly used in isolators where glove-sleeves do not provide enough capacity to lift heavier objects and move them over a wide area. Half-suits are normally provided with a dedicated air supply from a centrifugals fan, using room air. This air is fed to the neck region and to the cuffs, so that there is a constant and yet unobtrusive flow of air around the face and down the body. The nylon jersey weave used for the inner layer of EuroBioConcept half-suits is pleasant to the touch and much appreciated by suit operators.
The suit will generally be fitted onto an oval flange or upstand in the isolator floor. This measures 800 mm on the long axis and 500 mm on the short axis. The flange is normally mounted at about 1,100 mm from the floor and angled, so that the back is raised up to make entry and exit easy for the operator.
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When not in use, the suit is suspended by the cuffs and the helmet, from three fixed hooks on the roof of the isolator in the so-called "don't shoot" position, which opens out the suit for   sporicidal gassing, and holds the suit ready for entry.
Unlike full air suits, half-suits can be operated comfortably for quite extended periods of work and may be used either standing or seated. The operators can leave the suit at any time for breaks, without compromising the isolator environment. Entering and leaving the suits takes a little practice, but is very much quicker than the gowning process required for conventional cleanrooms.
Construction and Materials
EuroBioConcept half-suits feature fine-quality RF welding, fully blocked-down to ensure good sealing and easy cleaning, with a minimum of crevices.
The materials of the half-suit are as follows:
»  Inner layer :
 Polyurethane-proofed nylon jersey weave.
»  Outer layer :
 Natural flexible film PVC.
»  Helmet :
 Optical quality flexible clear PVC.
»  Cuff rings :
 Machined plastic.
»  Soft cuff O-rings :
 Neoprene foam rubber.
»  Security O-rings :
 Black nitrile rubber.
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